Simplified Renewal Strategy


R.S. Willson & Co.'s management expertise will provide a clear road map in new ways - to help you break through and take a commanding lead in your market. Keeping the plan simple, maintaining alignment among the stakeholders, and executing with energy and transparency is the key to success. We collaborate with lower middle market business leaders to implement the building blocks of our corporate renewal strategy - Stabilize, Rationalize, Innovate and Grow.


Stabilize Rationalize
  • Cash Analysis - Conservation/Injection
  • Managerial/Leadership Analysis
  • Lender Interface & Negotiations
  • Supplier Interface & Negotiations
  • Customer Issue Analysis
  • Implement S/T Stabilizing Plan

  • Strategy/Operational Plan around Core Competency
  • Sources & Uses of Cash
  • Order to Cash Process
  • Fixed and Variable Cost Drivers
  • Cost Structure to Match Revenue
  • Sales & Marketing Strategies


Innovate Grow
  • Eliminate Non-essential Products and Projects
  • Leverage Industry Trends
  • Accelerate Pace - Move Faster
  • Manage Capacity
  • Value Creation - Convert Existing Offerings into more Valuable Ones
  • Invent the Future Now

  • Develop/Solidify Team
  • Implement/Reinforce/Align L/T Operational Strategy
  • Measure Success
  • Reward the Doers
  • Delight Customers
  • Seek Strategic Partnerships - Analyze Acquisitions
  • Maintain Clarity and Transparency